IDDIS® is a Russian brand encompassing a wide range of plumbing fixtures and high quality goods for bathrooms at the best price. High quality of IDDIS® is inseparable from the most functional and attractive design – consumers can find a product that best meets their demands and will make their bathroom comfortable.
Milardo® brand was created in 2010 to meet the demand for high quality, reliable and affordable plumbing fixtures of people willing to make their homes more comfortable.
Berholm® is a Danish bathroom goods brand. It offers exclusively highly effective product and solutions which feature their exclusive style and bright recognizable design. These are products for true connoisseurs and people with fine taste.
Esprado® is advanced functional kitchen goods which will make cooking a fast, comfortable and thoroughly enjoyable process. The brand combines both a bright style and functionality and ergonomics. A special focus is on high effectiveness of the process: industry innovations, cutting-edge equipment and materials, and multi-stage verification at all manufacturing stages – all this is the key to high quality and exceptional convenience in use.