The story of SKL group started in 2004 when four partners decided to join their commercial, managerial and administrative experience and launch own plumbing fixtures business.
The Company was named SKL – these three letters were abbreviations of the phrase in Russian which is translated into English as the “plumbing fixtures of choice”. This concept became the ambitious goal of the founders who created their own brand IDDIS® that same year. They were committed to honest and diligent work, excellent quality, creation of first-class cutting-edge products which will make the life of people more comfortable. They were committed to make plumbing fixtures of choice.
The result of this approach speaks for itself – currently the company is a solid continuously developing market player with the reputation of a reliable partner manufacturing high quality goods for your home which enjoys trust and has loyal customers.
 – An agreement was concluded with Sanitet Handel k\s, Danish company, for exclusive distribution of Berholm®  branch in Russia and the CIS countries. Berholm® is a Danish designer brand for bathrooms which offers exclusively high end products and solutions featuring an exclusive and bright style and design.
–  The company participated in MosBuild 2012 for the seventh time to show its new brands and also presented the Danish brand Berholm® for the Russian market.
– Opening of VIP-Partner Club of SKL group – a project specifically launched to join the company and its major partners and customers into an exclusive business community.
– A significant increase in product mix required expansion of the warehousing areas in St. Petersburg to 5,100 sq. m. The company initially leased 2,500 sq. m in 2010.
– IDDIS® brand was expanded to include new product groups, such as installation systems, flush keys, faucets with a hand held bidet shower, hand held shower sets, faucets with a thermostat, sprinkler holders, and curtain tracks.
– New business launched – Home products. SKL concluded an agreement with Sanitet Handel k\s, Danish company, for exclusive rights to distribute the products under European kitchen products brand Esprado® in Russian and the CIS countries. The Russian market was offered kitchenware, glass containers, kitchen storage sets, and different accessories.
–  First shower accessories, wore accessories, toilet seats, and curtain tracks under Milardo® brand, expanded textile mix.
– Legal entities OOO SKL, OOO Santekh-Center, OOO PoliPlast, and OOO SanTekhImport were merged to form SKL group to increase awareness of the company as a major retailer and manufacturer of home products and holder of the brand portfolio in different price segments and commodity groups.
– Cooperation with Home Center, major DIY hypermarket chain, started. The hypermarket chain has outlets in Russia (in Moscow, Yaroslavl, and Orenburg) and abroad (in Israel, Greece, Belorus, and Cyprus). Home Center plans to open its hypermarkets in India and in the Ukraine.
– The Company’s brands IDDIS® and Milardo® were presented at MosBuild 2011.
– SKL successfully launched its Milardo® brand of plumbing fixtures for “lower+” price segment. It was created to provide high quality, reliable and affordable plumbing fixtures to people willing to make their life more comfortable. Several commodity categories are commercialized, including faucets, brass accessories and textile (curtains and mats) for bathroom.
–  OOO SKL opened branches in St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.
– Re-positioning of IDDIS® brand to reflect a new slogan “Technology of Comfort”. IDDIS® focus is to present more functional and attractive goods for each consumer to make the best choice to their satisfaction and make their bathrooms comfortable.
– IDDIS® mix is expanded. A new commodity group includes textile accessories such as bathroom curtains and mats.
– Among the Company’s customers are OBI federal-level retailer chain and large wholesalers Gregory, Arsenal Trade, and Rosstroy-Penza.
– The Company expanded and improved its warehousing and office facilities and leased Kulon-Pulkovo, new logistics facilities. А+ class offices and warehouses enabled to maintain larger stock and goods turnover as well as contributed to higher quality and faster formation of customer orders.
– IDDIS® and Milardo® brands were again presented at MosBuild 2010.
– IDDIS® mix was expanded with new commodity groups, including brass bathroom accessories and faucet accessories.
– The company partnered Okno v Evropu Plus, Domingo, Baucenter, Uyut-Center, Uralenergotekhkomplekt, IP Goncharov, AquaService, IP Morgunova, Stroydepo, Vipkrepezh, and M-Kvadrat.
– The company participated in MosBuild 2009 exhibition.
– SKL opened its branches in Rostov-on-the-Don and Novosibirsk.
– The new commodity group – IDDIS® shower accessories were commercialized
– The company’s customers included Castorama, federal-level hypermarket chain offering goods for home and repair and large regional companies Kolorlon and Sant5ekhOpt.
– The company participated in MosBuild 2008 exhibition.
– The company opened its branch in Moscow.
– The company expanded to the CIS market and opened its representative office in Kazakhstan (Tsentrstroy-7). Cooperation with Santex and Bild regional companies.
– SanTekhImport company incorporated as a separate unit of SKL to import products from overseas.
– The company participated in MosBuild 2007 construction exhibition.
– PoliPlast which later became part of SKL Group opened its first production site in the Samara Oblast.
– Representative office in Belorus – BELKZ company.
– SibKomplektService (Tyumen) became the first major dealer of the company. Cooperation with Domocenter and START.
– Shower cubicles under IDDIS® brand appeared.
– The company took part in MosBuild 2006 annual industry exhibition.
– IDDIS mix expanded with plumbing ceramics, toilet seats, and overflow fittings
– Significant expansion of the list of partners – the company partnered such major retail chains as Metrika, Maxidom, K-Rauta, as well as Smir and Umix – leading regional retailers.
– The company took part in MosBuild 2005 international construction and interior exhibition for the first time.
– SKL company incorporated in St. Petersburg.
– Own brand IDDIS® launched.
– Cooperation with Stroitel retail chain – one of the largest players in the St. Petersburg construction market.